Urgent Care


Urgent Care

Marsh Tide Urgent Care is an affordable alternative to a veterinary ER. We provide care for non-life-threatening conditions that happen after your regular vet is closed. Because we understand that sometimes situations arise unexpectedly, we offer same-day urgent care appointments. As always, we take great pride in being here for you and your pet.

Urgent Care Hours


Monday – Tuesday

8AM – 6PM

Wednesday – Friday

8AM – 10PM


8AM – 8PM



Conditions Typically Treated in Urgent Care

• Diarrhea/Bloody Diarrhea
• Vomiting/ Regurgitation
• Loss of Appetite
• Toxin Ingestion
• Foreign Material Ingestion

Musculoskeletal/ Neurologic:
• Limping/Lameness
• Non-surgical fractures
• Back pain/spinal discomfort
• Toenail injuries
• Seizures
• Wounds/Lacerations
• Allergic Reactions
• Skin Infections
• Ear Infection
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• Straining to Urinate
• Blood in Urine
• Lack of Urination
• Frequent Urination
• Ocular Discharge
• Corneal Ulcers
• Red, Irritated, Eyes
• Ocular proptosis


• Coughing/Sneezing
• Nasal Discharge
• Respiratory Infections

End of Life:
• Quality of Life Consultation
• Euthanasia
• Cremation

Like our human counterparts, pets need various levels of care based on specific situations.  We are an Urgent Care, not an Emergency Hospital. While we are able to handle most illnesses, there are critical cases that need an emergency hospital. We can refer you and your pet to an emergency hospital if needed.

You should always call in advance to make sure we are able to help you and your pet in an emergency situation. It may save your pet critical time to be sent to an emergency hospital versus Marsh Tide Urgent Care in a life-threatening Situation.

Conditions Better Served at an Emergency Hospital with Board-Certified Specialists

• Respiratory Distress (blue gums, difficulty breathing)
• Cardiac arrest
• Major trauma Bloat (GDV)
• Open fractures
• Critical and overnight care
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