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Below are questions that are often asked about our hospital. Feel free to call us if your question is not listed.

Overnight care will be offered when needed in limited circumstances and upon the discretion of the doctor in care.

Yes! We are open Saturdays 8am - 8pm.

We are thankful for our ER clinics. We work closely with veterinary specialists by either consulting with them or transferring clients when required to ensure your pet’s best care. We will do the preliminary work for you and will communicate with the ER doctors or specialists so that they are up-to-date in your pet’s case and ready to receive them.

We also work closely with an Internal Medicine Specialist who will come to our clinic when needed should you prefer to keep your pet’s care at Marsh Tide Veterinary Hospital.

At this time we do not offer payment plans. Please look into CareCredit as a form of payment if needed. For more information please visit

CareCredit is a specific credit card to which owners may apply for health care associated costs. We accept CareCredit. For more information please visit-

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