Soft Tissue Surgery


Soft Tissue Surgery

In our new state-of-the-art facility, Marsh Tide provides your pet with up-to-date surgical techniques, anesthetic monitoring and perioperative care. Our doctors are proficient in soft tissue surgeries, including spay and neuter, laceration repair and wound management, mass removals, cystotomies, gastrotomies and enterotomies, enucleations, limb amputations, splenectomies and more.

At Marsh Tide our doctors attend continuing education symposiums and stay up-to-date in the safest and most efficient surgical techniques.


During any anesthetic procedure at Marsh Tide Animal Hospital your pet will receive an individualized care plan to ensure a safe, non-traumatic, and minimally painful procedure. All patients will be screened prior to surgery by receiving a full physical exam and blood work to ensure a safe procedure. The reasoning behind this through screening is to pinpoint potential risks to specific organs or drug interactions that would result in a less desirable outcome.

Once an animal is deemed safe to receive anesthesia, all animals will receive pre-anesthetic medications in order to calm your pet during handling and decrease the amount of induction and gas anesthesia your pet will receive. They will receive IV fluids throughout the procedure to maintain their blood pressure and prevent damage to internal organs. During the procedure your pets’ doctor will not only have state-of-the art anesthesia monitoring equipment but will also have a dedicated and highly trained anesthesia technician monitoring your pet’s every breath and heartbeat.



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